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Governor Sandoval can put his suport for immigration reform into action by signing these three bills


Last week Governor Sandoval signed a resolution to support comprehensive immigration reform, and in an interview expressed his support for the Senate's "Gang of 8" immigration reform bill.

We need you to ask the Governor to support Nevada's immigrants with more than just words, and sign three vital pieces of legislation.

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Support the immigrant community in Nevada by signing these three bills

Dear Governor,

We are appreciative of your support for Federal Immigration Reform. We hope that you will continue to show your support for the immigrant community by signing these three bills:

Senate Bill 169 - Changes mandatory sentencing for gross misdemeanors from 365 days to 364. Being sentenced to 365 days means you're ineligible to apply for US citizenship. You can be charged for a gross misdemeanor for misusing a hotel room key. Should that prevent someone from applying for citizenship?

Senate Bill 303 - Allows all Nevadans regardless of legal status to apply for driver Authorization Cards. It will lower the cost of vehicle insurance premiums and make our roads safer.

Assembly Bill 74 - Regulates notario and document preparation services. 'Notario' means different things in different countries, and too many Nevada families hoping to become citizens have been taken advantage of by the confusion. Regulating this industry will prepare Nevada for immigration reform, should the Senate bill pass.

Nevada's immigrant and undocumented communities are counting on you.

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